A Day at The Country Living Fair

Spent yesterday at The Country Living Fair.  It was a perfect “girls day” ……..the beautiful weather made for a great day filled with walking, laughing, and admiring all the beautiful items from handmade jewelry, antiques, bath soaps, to wooden signs & so much more. I was so excited and from the minute I walked through those gates, my inspiration went wild. I found some great finds….though I could have walked out with everything under the sun if money was no object!

My favorite find was an old wooden frame with chicken wire attached in the center. I also found some old, but still sturdy metal containers and it immediately ‘clicked’ what I should do. Combining both has given me a great place to plant some basil and herbs that now hang in my kitchen. Some old glass vases have added charm to this bed tray vignette.   And old BINGO Balls have added a touch of whimsy to our living room. I chose the letters of our last name, put them in a wicker basket…it just makes me smile!    It was a great day and I’m glad I was able to experience such a great fair with my friends.  Next stop……The Elephant Trunk Flea Market. Stay tuned for some more amazing finds!


Slipping Away In Comfort

If you are like me then you can understand my love for change (in design that is). I love to rearrange the furniture, swap out throw pillows, change up room paint colors ….the list goes on and on.

A while back my hubby and I decided to invest in new living room furniture and went with a slipcover couch, chair and loveseat. I wanted that comfy and casual lived in look and the set we finally found really fit the bill. It’s been several years now and though I absolutely love the set… I needed to change things up. Now this change thing does have it limits and getting rid of perfectly fine furniture is one of them.  So I thought about what I could do and then it hit me…..what about a extra set of slipcovers in a completely different color. I’m kind of shocked it took this long but hey why not, don’t most people have more than one set of sheets, extra sets of towels….. why not an extra set of slipcovers?! I was shocked at how affordable they were and the investment would make the original set last even longer.

I’ve always loved an all white living room (including furniture) with splashes of color here & there. For those who are thinking that I may be a bit nuts…..all white furniture with a hubby, 4 active kids and a dog who lays around on the furniture like a king…..you are probably right. But for the price (under $100 for the couch & love seat slipcovers) I think it’s totally worth the risk. I’ve committed to the fact that they will have to be washed every couple of months but for the look they give & the feeling I get when I walk into my living room it’s totally worth it for me! & I can’t forget about our puppy…..he needs a special place to call his own too!!

If you are toying with the idea of getting new furniture, I can only say that going with slipcovered furniture is the way to go! Washable, cozy with that casual lived in look is great option, plus the ability to change the color up is a heck of a bargain vs. buying new furniture or going the reupholstering route to satisfy the ‘change fix’

Bowling In Your Garden

By now if you have read any of my other outdoor posts, you know I like to find unique items to put in my garden.

I once saw an idea using bowling balls….I was all over that idea till I read the “how to” & quickly decided it sounded a little too complicated for my liking! But me being me, I had already found a bowling ball for a few bucks at my VERY FAVORITE Flea Market http://www.etflea.com (Elephants Trunk Flea Market in CT. very often shown on HGTV’s Flea Market Flip)if you’ve never been you MUST go Right away! Now back to the bowling ball……after deciding not to do the project, the bowling ball just sat outside for probably two years! The plus side to this, it required no sanding when I finally did decide to do something with it. So I gave it a few coats of paint (spray paint of course) I painted it a soft white & after it was dried, used a stain to age it. Great thing about the stain not only did it age the look, it highlighted all the imperfections in the bowling ball adding to its charm!

The plus side to doing a project like this before laying new mulch…..I could spray it directly where I wanted it in my garden (of course being very careful not to spray anything but the ball…..like my flowers) When I took a step back to admire my work, it looked so lonely by itself so once again my favorite store http://www.homegoods.com did not let me down. I found this very fun & whimsical flying pig & a smaller sized ball. So now the trio looks great amongst the plants & flowers & will look even better once it’s all sitting on a new bed of rich, dark mulch!

Decorative Flags

Heres a super quick project especially for a non sewer like myself. I had a small flag holder for the garden but could not find any flags that I liked. So what to do……I took two coordinating fabrics, sewed 3 sides (right sides together) turned right side out, folded over the unfinished edge twice, to have a clean seam & finished off with a zigzag stitch! DONE!  My own personal flag with fabric that I love & it adds a nice splash of color against the tree. Cost me close to nothing & after hanging it, I sprayed it with some Scotch-Gard to help protect the fabric from the weather. If it lasts just one season…….it’s totally worth it!

Windows, Windows, Everywhere

Old windows are a HOT find! The things you can do with them……turn them into tables, hang a shelf at the bottom of one & use in your entryway, use them as picture frames, turn them into mirrors……the list of ideas are endless! But sometimes doing nothing to your great find can look just as amazing!

Have a porch? Hang one on the side, it will add so much sweetness & character to any house! I took it a step further & hung an old wire basket with a flowerpot on the other side of the window & plopped some colorful flowers into it. Everyday when I walk out of my house, its the 1st thing I see…..I look through the window & see my pretty flowers, the green grass!  It just makes me feel instantly happy & honestly that is the feeling you should get with any project you do….it’s that simple!

Add The Unexpected

I love when I see gardens that have more then just plants & flowers. Adding old chairs, wheel barrels, ladders just to name a few, adds so much depth & a little surprise to the eye!


I had picked up this old chair with no seat at a garage sale a few years back for $2.00 It was screaming….throw a plant in me! I added a little paint & over the past couple of years the weather has aged it nicely! My hubby had built this custom shoe bench a while back & when we recently made changes in our dining room it came out & I had no idea what to do with it. So it’s been stuffed in my closet taking up way too much room & the other day as I was driving (because these are the kind of things I think about when driving) I thought……GARDEN!


I sanded it up a bit to show some of its natural wood, added some stain to protect & age it (actually it was more about making the “STALK WHITE” look of the bench go away without having to take out the paintbrush & paint it another color) I added some accessories & a plant & now I have a cute bench just hanging out in the garden amongst the flowers & plants!

Again like all my other posts that have to do with our garden…..once the new mulch is down everything will look so much better!  Anyone that has trees on their property that drops that spaghetti looking stuff EVERY WHERE…..in your gutters, all over your lawn, on your deck & deck furniture, you understand my pain.  I refuse to lay mulch to only have it covered by this ugly stuff. So its the waiting game & I am NOT a fan!

A New Lease On Life

I had purchased this hammock like chair for my hubby for a Fathers Day gift many years ago at http://www.pier1.com Considering it sat outside for many years during the Spring, Summer & Fall seasons, never protected from the rain & sun…..it’s held up nicely!  But this year the fabric seat had to go…..it was beyond saving!

A pretty easy fix especially for someone with very little sewing skills!  I used the original fabric as my pattern & with the help of my sewing machine, some pretty but yet durable “outdoor” fabric & thread…..I made a new seat!  With a couple of cans of spray paint, we went from a fire engine red to a milk chocolate frame to coordinate with the new fabric!

At 1st glance……this chair looked like it was headed out to the curb but with a little TLC it’s been given a makeover that I’m sure will be very happy to assist in many naps this Spring, Summer & Fall!