Outdoor Project

Hi guys!!  I’m back!  Spring is here & summer is right around the corner!  It’s been a dreary, rainy spring for us but I’m not letting that stop me from getting the outside ready for the beautiful weather to come!  This year we changed up our deck decorating!  I really wanted to have a comfy cozy spot that was actually a continuation of our home from the inside to the outside & I think I nailed it!  We live on a corner, so I don’t really need to mention the lack of a backyard space we do not have. So having a good living space where we could be outside & enjoy was essential. Now…… we love our neighbors, but our homes are all pretty close together, so the curtains add a little  privacy without being rude or act as if we are trying to keep anyone out!  Since we have tons of ideas for this square footage space, for down the road or maybe just in our dreams I didn’t want to spend a fortune on furniture. I decided to check out #amazonprime since they sell practically everything & YES outdoor furniture is on the list of “everything” & with an incredible price tag that would make anyone smile compared to the big stores!  Small catch, you put the furniture together yourself….there is an option to pay extra, but really not necessary, if you give yourself a couple of hours, with a glass or two of wine & some music!  It’s actually a very painless project…..the wine actually might have something to do with that but we will just go with….. it’s an easy project to put together!!!

So with some finishing touches of outside items & items that are meant for the indoors (I just bring those in if it should rain)….here it is!  Our outdoor space that I love just as much as our indoor space!