Flower Boxes

Spring is finally here, so that means time to get those flower boxes ready!  I have 5 flower boxes on our home & every season I start off strong….buying loads of flowers like I actually know what I’m doing (can you hear the sarcasm) & then half way through the season I lose momentum. My thinking becomes…..it rained yesterday so I don’t need to water today or they say it’s going to rain tomorrow so the flowers can wait till then & then one day turns into 2 then 3 4 5 & now I’ve got myself flowers boxes with dead flowers….not too attractive by any means. One year I actually went to #michaelscraftstore & bought a load of artificial flowers.  Although the flowers themselves were pretty, fake flowers in flower boxes outside didn’t really give me the look I wanted. So this year I decided, if I’m going to do this again I really have to do my research & get it right. I jumped onto #pinterest to get some inspiration & I immediately came across this blog & wow did Kelly have all the answers that I needed!!  You MUST check her out at http://www.thelilypadcottage.com She is now my official flower box hero! 

What attracted me to her blog were the gorgeous photos of her flower boxes……this was the exact look I wanted…..full, bright & the WOW factor ALL THE WAY!  Her blog gave me all the answers, so for someone like myself who likes to think she knows all about gardening but actually really knows nothing….this is what I really needed!  So I followed Kelly’s instructions & I picked out flowers that were perfect for full sun. We have a white cape cod home with black shutters & flower boxes, so I knew I wanted bright pink flowers & when I spotted the petunias at #meteroplitianplanetexchange, I knew they were going to be a perfect fit!  In the past I would always follow the directions that come on those little sticks in the container….you know……plant 10 – 12″ a part & then always wondered why my flower boxes (before they actually died) never really got full like other beautiful flower boxes I would spot as I drove around town. Kelly’s tip….don’t follow the instructions & just pack them in!!!! Yea! I love not following directions & this time it will actually work in my favor!!  Now I’m thinking her next 2 tips is what makes all the difference in the world from having flowers boxes to having FLOWER BOXES that will make drivers slam on their brakes as they drive past your home! 1st TIP & this one is probably my favorite ❤️❤️ …….miracle-gro storing crystals. So awesome!!!  Just mix a little into the dirt & as you water, the little crystals fill up with water & then as needed they release the water into the soil. Now of course this doesn’t mean I don’t need to water for a week at a time but if I miss a day it won’t be the end to my flowers!!  One thing I did learn, because remember….I don’t like to read directions & it may actually say this in the directions but when filling up your boxes with dirt don’t go all the way to the top because when those crystals fill with water they rise the dirt up & you’ll have over flow like I did in a few boxes & pots but it’s not the end of the world & I definitely know for next time! 

2nd TIP…….#miracle-gro bloom booster!  Those flowers need food like we do….who would have thought! According to Kelly, this made all the difference with her boxes & I am anxiously waiting to take my before & after pictures to share with all of you to see how much of a difference there is after feeding these babies! 

So now we wait!  I will be back in a couple of weeks with some “after” photos!  I am so excited & hope to have some beautiful flower boxes to share……till then, let me leave you with what I’ve just planted!