2015 Christmas 

I can’t believe 2015 Christmas has come to an end & it’s now time to put all the decorations away. Not nearly as fun, considering decorating for me is not a one day affair. I like adding & moving around decorations all month long….actually this year I started decorating in November, so the process has been a very long & fun one indeed!  

This year thanks to #Target I changed my decorating look for the holidays & went with a more natural feel. It all started one morning when I walked into Target, then what before my wondering eyes should appear but the cutest twine rope & ruffle burlap trees. So natural, so stinking cute & so inexpensive!!   So I grabbed what I thought was enough but quickly realized after getting home……I couldn’t have too many. Each trip back to Target meant additional finds……miniature wooden skis, burlap bags, small pine trees with burlap bases…..mini cake plates, burlap banners, muslin fabric tags & the list goes on. It was a dream come true & all these finds were in their dollars section! 

Between #Target #HomeGoods & the inspiration I would find on my #Instagram, decorating our house was an everyday project that never got old!  The best advice I can give is have fun, don’t make it a chore…..doing a little each day kept me from getting overwhelmed & helps keep the enjoyment alive. Plus I would love my hubbys reaction every night when he came home from work & spied something new!  

Now the time has come to pack it all away till next Christmas but before I do let me share with you our home this 2015 Christmas!  



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