2015 Coming to an End

Can’t believe 2015 is just about over….its been a year filled with decorating, home projects both big & small, flea markets & social media. Just trying to build a following so I can share what I love to do most! My Instagram took off, (DLRDESIGNSFORYOU) that was exciting!! Received a few likes from #joannagaines which was….HUGE & the biggest surprise by far was getting picked up by http://www.remodelaholic.com for the bed nook my hubby & I created for our youngest daughter. When I received their 1st email asking me to share a tutorial with them, so they could feature me on their blog I thought it was a joke LOL…..this kind of thing doesn’t happen to me! Very quickly though, I learned they were more then serious & wanted to share our DIY project for all those interested to see. What a honor, what an experience & the love I received from their followers was AMAZING! If your not following them, please stop what your doing & find them! They are on Facebook, Instagram & ofcourse they have their own website (www.remodelaholic.com) You’ll find tons of DIY projects you can do yourself with fantastic building plans to help you from beginning to end.

Now in case you’ve missed it, here’s the link to our Bed Nook! This has now become our baby & probably one of our most favorite projects!! 




Built In Bed Nook

 I’m so excited to share this story on my blog! It all started when our 14 year old daughter wanted a bed to go with the bohemian/hippie style for her bedroom remodel. Together we came up with a vision that would fit perfectly with the look she was going for . I then explained our vision to my husband, “it needed side walls, curtains in front that she could close if wanted, storage (because let’s face it a 14 year girl can never have too much storage!) over all it needed to be a comfy cozy place for a teenage girl to hang out that also shared practicality.”  Well he took our vision, added a few of his own touches & the end result was so much more then any of us had imagined. Of course the 1st thing I did after it was all completed was share it to my dlrdesignsforyou Instagram page for all my followers to see. 

Now here comes the real exciting part!!! Remodelaholic is also a part of the IG family & if your not yet following them, get on that right away & show them some love. They saw our bed & asked if they could feature it on their blog http://www.remodelaholic.com  Now you can only imagine the excitement I felt after reading that 1st email from them!  From that point on it was an incredible journey of sharing photos, building materials & how to’s!  The post went live the day after Christmas & to see our end result out there for all to see was probably one of the best Christmas presents one could receive!   

You can check our bed out on the link below where you will find detailed instructions, photos & the building materials needed, along with our journey from 1st thought, to final completion. 

Remember to check out http://www.remodelaholic.com & you can also find them on Instagram & Facebook!