A Day at The Country Living Fair

Spent yesterday at The Country Living Fair.  It was a perfect “girls day” ……..the beautiful weather made for a great day filled with walking, laughing, and admiring all the beautiful items from handmade jewelry, antiques, bath soaps, to wooden signs & so much more. I was so excited and from the minute I walked through those gates, my inspiration went wild. I found some great finds….though I could have walked out with everything under the sun if money was no object!

My favorite find was an old wooden frame with chicken wire attached in the center. I also found some old, but still sturdy metal containers and it immediately ‘clicked’ what I should do. Combining both has given me a great place to plant some basil and herbs that now hang in my kitchen. Some old glass vases have added charm to this bed tray vignette.   And old BINGO Balls have added a touch of whimsy to our living room. I chose the letters of our last name, put them in a wicker basket…it just makes me smile!    It was a great day and I’m glad I was able to experience such a great fair with my friends.  Next stop……The Elephant Trunk Flea Market. Stay tuned for some more amazing finds!