Slipping Away In Comfort

If you are like me then you can understand my love for change (in design that is). I love to rearrange the furniture, swap out throw pillows, change up room paint colors ….the list goes on and on.

A while back my hubby and I decided to invest in new living room furniture and went with a slipcover couch, chair and loveseat. I wanted that comfy and casual lived in look and the set we finally found really fit the bill. It’s been several years now and though I absolutely love the set… I needed to change things up. Now this change thing does have it limits and getting rid of perfectly fine furniture is one of them.  So I thought about what I could do and then it hit me…..what about a extra set of slipcovers in a completely different color. I’m kind of shocked it took this long but hey why not, don’t most people have more than one set of sheets, extra sets of towels….. why not an extra set of slipcovers?! I was shocked at how affordable they were and the investment would make the original set last even longer.

I’ve always loved an all white living room (including furniture) with splashes of color here & there. For those who are thinking that I may be a bit nuts…..all white furniture with a hubby, 4 active kids and a dog who lays around on the furniture like a king… are probably right. But for the price (under $100 for the couch & love seat slipcovers) I think it’s totally worth the risk. I’ve committed to the fact that they will have to be washed every couple of months but for the look they give & the feeling I get when I walk into my living room it’s totally worth it for me! & I can’t forget about our puppy…..he needs a special place to call his own too!!

If you are toying with the idea of getting new furniture, I can only say that going with slipcovered furniture is the way to go! Washable, cozy with that casual lived in look is great option, plus the ability to change the color up is a heck of a bargain vs. buying new furniture or going the reupholstering route to satisfy the ‘change fix’


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