Windows, Windows, Everywhere

Old windows are a HOT find! The things you can do with them……turn them into tables, hang a shelf at the bottom of one & use in your entryway, use them as picture frames, turn them into mirrors……the list of ideas are endless! But sometimes doing nothing to your great find can look just as amazing!

Have a porch? Hang one on the side, it will add so much sweetness & character to any house! I took it a step further & hung an old wire basket with a flowerpot on the other side of the window & plopped some colorful flowers into it. Everyday when I walk out of my house, its the 1st thing I see…..I look through the window & see my pretty flowers, the green grass!  It just makes me feel instantly happy & honestly that is the feeling you should get with any project you do….it’s that simple!


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