Add The Unexpected

I love when I see gardens that have more then just plants & flowers. Adding old chairs, wheel barrels, ladders just to name a few, adds so much depth & a little surprise to the eye!


I had picked up this old chair with no seat at a garage sale a few years back for $2.00 It was screaming….throw a plant in me! I added a little paint & over the past couple of years the weather has aged it nicely! My hubby had built this custom shoe bench a while back & when we recently made changes in our dining room it came out & I had no idea what to do with it. So it’s been stuffed in my closet taking up way too much room & the other day as I was driving (because these are the kind of things I think about when driving) I thought……GARDEN!


I sanded it up a bit to show some of its natural wood, added some stain to protect & age it (actually it was more about making the “STALK WHITE” look of the bench go away without having to take out the paintbrush & paint it another color) I added some accessories & a plant & now I have a cute bench just hanging out in the garden amongst the flowers & plants!

Again like all my other posts that have to do with our garden…..once the new mulch is down everything will look so much better!  Anyone that has trees on their property that drops that spaghetti looking stuff EVERY WHERE… your gutters, all over your lawn, on your deck & deck furniture, you understand my pain.  I refuse to lay mulch to only have it covered by this ugly stuff. So its the waiting game & I am NOT a fan!


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