Dining In Style

If your fortunate to have additional dining space that you don’t use everyday why not set  your table. Think of it as a blank space to decorate & it will add a lot of detail to your room!

I love lots of layers….table runners, placemats, napkins, center pieces, charger plates, & finally your dishes & glasses. The more you use the more depth it will add to your table. I also like using a mirror as a part of my center piece. It reflects the light & adds an additional glow to your table….especially if you add in candles!

Mirrors alone can be somewhat simple but if you can find one with a thick wooden frame & then add some drawer pulls to either end, you have now taken a simple mirror & turned it into a stylish tray to build off of.

Fabric napkins, with napkin rings made from fabric flowers purchased from craft stores like http://www.michaels.com, are another great addition to your table. I found basic plain napkin rings & fabric flowers with a clip already attach to the back (they were actually made for your hair) I slipped the clip through the ring & I have fun napkin rings that if purchased in a store would cost a lot of $$.  Plus no commitment to just one style ring. Purchase additional fabric flowers & you can easily switch them out.

Just have fun….the table should fit your style & when your done putting it all together, the final look should make you happy & put a smile on your face!


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