A Place For Everything

I found this old beat up shutter in my favorite store (drum roll please) http://www.homegoods.com, & I fell in love with it but when I got it home, I had NO idea what to do with it……so it sat in the closet for months!


I stumbled across it one day & was determined to find a home for it!  It ended up on the kitchen counter in the corner.  I loved it there because it filled up some dead space & gave a splash of color!  Now…..what to do with it?!?  Still no ideas, so I posted on my DLR Designs For You Facebook page, asking for some feed back & received some great ideas but the one I loved the most was from my sister in law, Laura!  I added some hooks, coffee mugs & there you have it, not only do I love the look but I use it every single morning when making coffee….so convenient !

Sometimes things don’t have to be so complicated & if your stuck on an idea….ask your family & friends!  You would be surprised of the different ideas people can come up with!


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