Always Changing

Something I often notice while driving & looking at people’s homes….hoping I see something that inspires me, is a lot of the time the front door is often forgotten about!  Not mine……we’ve had ours for about 5 years & I think it’s been painted a different color each year!  It’s a fun project, that on a beautiful day doesn’t take a whole lot of time! Changing the color, changes the look & can give the house a whole new look!
Let’s see……we bought the door white…..1st color was a light blue/gray. Then I went with a soft yellow……the following year I went bold with a school bus yellow/orange…..that was questionable to say the least. Next was an aqua blue, that definitely said spring & finally this go around I went with Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron. Although I have loved every years color…well almost…..this by far is my favorite & might stay around  for a while!

Have fun…’s a door & a can of paint but the result can have a huge impact & wow factor!


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