One Thing Always Leads To Another

I love that I get an idea & RUN with it BUT…..sometimes those ideas have a domino effect. I painted the living room to go with the kitchen/dining room……looked great but that left me really not liking how the piano looked anymore. It’s an old piano but man did it age with the new paint color of the room.

So next it was all about researching…..can you paint a piano, am I crazy to even think I can paint a piano & if so…..HOW??  Well I was pleasantly surprised that it was much easier then I had thought & it turned out to be a fun Sunday afternoon project.

It didn’t end there though…..the ladder next to the piano blended in & looked so blah, so I stained that with a dark stain!  That was an easy fix thank god because the next thing on the list was the coffee table. That had been a fun project that my hubby & I had made together a while back…..a “pallet inspired table” but the color we had originally painted it was now all wrong for the new makeover. So I ventured on…..taking it a part, painting it a dark gray & sanding it down to show some of the previous color & make it look like a real old pallet this time around!  Then FINALLY came the…… Ahhhh I’m finished with my living room make over!  


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