No More Excuses

Such a great house warming gift or do it for yourself idea!  I had an old piece of slate laying around but if you don’t have random pieces of slate laying around at your home…..because isn’t that the norm??? You can pick a piece up at the craft or home improvement store!

I 1st started with some left over paint…..I painted the front of the slate with a sponge brush….easy, quick & dries quickly!  We LOVE that!  I have the Cricut machine that I use to cut my letters but you can use a stencil to cut out your own letters or even use that same stencil to paint the letters & numbers directly on to the slate….that’s another idea that would look great too!  I use mod podge to adhere the letters/numbers to the slate & then after it’s completely dried, I added some stain over the entire slate to give it that distressed look that so many of us love…….making brand new look so old!

Finally when that’s all dried, I added a few coats of an indoor/outdoor clear, matte finish, protector. Super important if your gluing letters & numbers from paper onto the slate because the last thing you want is those letters not sticking properly & end up peeling off & blowing down the street right after ordering your pizza for delivery!  Make sure the bottle says for “outdoor use”.  Mod podge alone may work for a little while but for long term……I don’t believe it will hold up to the outdoor elements.

When you are all finished…..lean it up against a tree, place it on your porch or whatever works for you!  Once again……mine will look much nicer once the new mulch is down 😉
Now…….NO more excuses that people can’t find your home!!


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