Flowers Make Everything Brighter

I have seen lots of posts with this idea but I wanted to do my own spin. Rather then painting everything the same color….. I kept the chandelier black & I chose to paint the pots white. This combination works best for the front of our home, keeping in mind the style we already have going on.  I wanted the pots to have an old aged look… they have been sitting out in the garden for years & years.  So after giving them a few coats of paint, I then started sanding off all my work (removing some of the paint)……it’s a give & take kind of relationship!  Now the fun part & if you have little ones, have them help you!  You will be giving them a reason to get dirty & have fun, not that they need a reason though…..they seem to do that just fine on their own!  I rolled each clay pot around in the dirt & grass, although they do not look like my grandmothers flower pots from years & years ago, the newness is now gone……my way of a very quick “aging” process!


Plant with your favorite flowers & you now have a very pretty addition to your front walk!  If your lucky enough to find two chandeliers you can place them on either side of your front steps!  You have WOWED your family & friends before they’ve even walked into your home!



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