Recycled Wooden Barrel

This actually shows that I may have a little bit of a hoarding issue, but the story goes like this…..

I picked up this old wooden barrel years & years ago from, when they were dumping some of their furniture. It’s been sitting in our garage ever since & my hubby had it on the curb this past weekend for garbage……”GASP” was my 1st reaction & then it came to me…..I don’t know if it was the fact that it was sitting on the curb or the fact that I didn’t even know I still had it…….but I knew I wasn’t letting go of this old cobweb filled barrel. This thing had a 2nd chance in life!  

I grabbed a can of white spray paint, some dirt, a plant & there you have it……a fun, unique planter that I’m sure will catch people’s eyes as they drive by!  I’m also sure this new lease on life will look even cuter once the new mulch is in place😉.

I have no doubt that you can find barrels like this at garage sales, flea markets, antique shows, or maybe even on someone’s curb waiting for the garbage man!  If that’s the case….its your duty to save it!  If you can collect a few, you could cut them down to different heights & use them as a group of planters!  Paint yours a simple white like mine or bright fun colors. 

Like many of my projects, I like to live with them for a while. I see now that this barrel needs a little aging, maybe some stain to give it a distressed look. Possible even a design on the front by using a stencil to give it some more depth. I’ll get it to where I want it over time……till then I’ll love it as is! 



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