A New Lease On Life

I had purchased this hammock like chair for my hubby for a Fathers Day gift many years ago at http://www.pier1.com Considering it sat outside for many years during the Spring, Summer & Fall seasons, never protected from the rain & sun…..it’s held up nicely!  But this year the fabric seat had to go…..it was beyond saving!

A pretty easy fix especially for someone with very little sewing skills!  I used the original fabric as my pattern & with the help of my sewing machine, some pretty but yet durable “outdoor” fabric & thread…..I made a new seat!  With a couple of cans of spray paint, we went from a fire engine red to a milk chocolate frame to coordinate with the new fabric!

At 1st glance……this chair looked like it was headed out to the curb but with a little TLC it’s been given a makeover that I’m sure will be very happy to assist in many naps this Spring, Summer & Fall!



A great way to change the look of a bookcase or kitchen cabinet with glass doors is add some wallpaper or fabric to the back of the cabinets. I prefer using fabric because its any easy switch if you want to change it up & it’s a lot less forgiving, especially if you haven’t yet mastered the the knack of wallpapering. Don’t get stuck on just the fabric at the fabric stores, think outside the box….you can buy a fabric shower curtain, a flat sheet, even a table cloth & use that as your fabric….catch a good sale & sometimes is will be less expensive then purchasing a yard or 2 of fabric!


Here are some ways that I have changed the looks of my cabinets & bookcases. Below cost only $2.50 a bookcase! Picked up some burlap on sale at http://www.Joann.com, & got a whole new look for hardly any money!


Recycled Wooden Barrel

DLR Designs For You

This actually shows that I may have a little bit of a hoarding issue……but the story goes like this. I picked up this old wooden barrel years & years ago from Bath & Body when they were dumping some of their furniture. It’s been sitting in our garage ever since & my hubby had it on the curb this past weekend for garbage……”GASP” was my 1st reaction & then it came to me…..I don’t know if it was the fact that it was sitting on the curb or the fact that I didn’t even know I still had it…….but I knew I wasn’t letting go of this old cobweb filled barrel. This thing had a 2nd chance in life!

I grabbed a can of white spray paint, some dirt, a plant & there you have it……a fun, unique planter that I’m sure will catch people’s eyes as they drive by!…

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Dining In Style

If your fortunate to have additional dining space that you don’t use everyday why not set  your table. Think of it as a blank space to decorate & it will add a lot of detail to your room!

I love lots of layers….table runners, placemats, napkins, center pieces, charger plates, & finally your dishes & glasses. The more you use the more depth it will add to your table. I also like using a mirror as a part of my center piece. It reflects the light & adds an additional glow to your table….especially if you add in candles!

Mirrors alone can be somewhat simple but if you can find one with a thick wooden frame & then add some drawer pulls to either end, you have now taken a simple mirror & turned it into a stylish tray to build off of.

Fabric napkins, with napkin rings made from fabric flowers purchased from craft stores like http://www.michaels.com, are another great addition to your table. I found basic plain napkin rings & fabric flowers with a clip already attach to the back (they were actually made for your hair) I slipped the clip through the ring & I have fun napkin rings that if purchased in a store would cost a lot of $$.  Plus no commitment to just one style ring. Purchase additional fabric flowers & you can easily switch them out.

Just have fun….the table should fit your style & when your done putting it all together, the final look should make you happy & put a smile on your face!

A Place For Everything

I found this old beat up shutter in my favorite store (drum roll please) http://www.homegoods.com, & I fell in love with it but when I got it home, I had NO idea what to do with it……so it sat in the closet for months!


I stumbled across it one day & was determined to find a home for it!  It ended up on the kitchen counter in the corner.  I loved it there because it filled up some dead space & gave a splash of color!  Now…..what to do with it?!?  Still no ideas, so I posted on my DLR Designs For You Facebook page, asking for some feed back & received some great ideas but the one I loved the most was from my sister in law, Laura!  I added some hooks, coffee mugs & there you have it, not only do I love the look but I use it every single morning when making coffee….so convenient !

Sometimes things don’t have to be so complicated & if your stuck on an idea….ask your family & friends!  You would be surprised of the different ideas people can come up with!

Brick By Brick

We had a wall in our kitchen that we couldn’t really use for cabinets because it would block the flow of walking through from one room to another but to leave it blank…. that wasn’t an option either.

My hubby & I play off each other great when it comes to decorating!  I get an idea….he can make my idea real by creating & building & then I bring his creations to life by decorating!  Its a perfect combo!  Let me also add though….he has some amazing ideas of his own!!

I visioned a brick wall for the space…with a faux fireplace & he was right on board!!  We went out to price faux brick & was shocked at the price!  I wanted a WOW factor in our kitchen but did not want to spend a lot to get it!  So thanks to friends, who just happened to have unwanted brick laying around we were able to get our brick wall! It took a lot of hard work & patience to get there but we did! Of course there are still a few details that need to get done but it will happen….takes time!

My hubby rented a machine from http://www.homedepot.com, to cut the bricks in half length wise.  That took some time (hence where the patience comes in) & was a very messy job!  (Tip…..brick dust filled clothes, wash separately or what your washing it with will come out…..pink!  That definitely falls under the…..”what was I thinking???”)

Then it came to putting the brick up on the wall, the same way you would install tile.  We used a tile adhesive mud & slapped those babies up….brick by brick!  Then came the mortar in between each brick!  I was all over that project for a HOT 5 minutes & then quickly made it my hubbies job to do!  Took way too long to get no where quick…thank god he has the patience because I sure don’t!

Now the fun….making this brick wall look like it was something we had discovered while taking down an old plaster wall!  I took some joint compound, paint & started working away.  Not the best project for someone with OCD…..it was so hard at 1st to be random about my placings but once I got into the groove, I started moving right alone.  Places that came out too dark…i used sandpaper to tone it down….it was a project that went on for a few days…there was a lot of walking away & coming back to it. #homedepot


Of course every brick wall in a kitchen needs a faux fireplace! & thats what I got thanks to my amazing hubby!  We used an old beam as the mantle & we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!  So much fun to decorate over the holidays & definitely gives the kitchen the feeling of the heart of the home!


Always Changing

Something I often notice while driving & looking at people’s homes….hoping I see something that inspires me, is a lot of the time the front door is often forgotten about!  Not mine……we’ve had ours for about 5 years & I think it’s been painted a different color each year!  It’s a fun project, that on a beautiful day doesn’t take a whole lot of time! Changing the color, changes the look & can give the house a whole new look!
Let’s see……we bought the door white…..1st color was a light blue/gray. Then I went with a soft yellow……the following year I went bold with a school bus yellow/orange…..that was questionable to say the least. Next was an aqua blue, that definitely said spring & finally this go around I went with Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron. Although I have loved every years color…well almost…..this by far is my favorite & might stay around  for a while!

Have fun…..it’s a door & a can of paint but the result can have a huge impact & wow factor!